Sony XAV64BT Review

The Sony XAV64BT is a car entertainment system that includes Bluetooth, music and video features and appears to have been well received by the market so far.

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A relative new product to the market, the Sony XAV64BT holds all of the basic features you would expect to see in a multimedia system. With the Sony brand also attached to the product, it is obvious without much interrogation that the Sony XAV64BT is an impressive device.

In comparison to many of its rivals, the Sony XAV64BT is much more affordable and this has resulted in it becoming one of the popular items in the automotive entertainment market. This means that it is not only suitable for the frequent traveller, but also for those who perhaps don't use their car as much.

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  • Great smartphone and MP3 player compatibility
  • Affordable
  • No GPS system, which is to be expected for the price

My favourite feature of the Sony XAV64BT is its iPod and iPhone functionality. It communicates superbly with both devices, while I'm also told by others that Android and other types of phone also work well with the system. It proved very easy to stream music and video from the system, which is always an important feature for me. The opportunity to use the Sony XAV64BT with the Pandora radio app also impressed me. It proved exceptionally easy to set up the app on my phone and communicate with the device, meaning that internet radio was installed almost immediately.

On the subject of communication ability, the Bluetooth features are also useful. I found them to be comparable to most automotive multimedia systems as well as being easy to use. The audio and video quality when communicating via Bluetooth was very good, while the hands free feature was also faultless. For a relatively cheap system, the screen of the Sony XAV64BT was very crisp and surprised me. On a similar note, the interface had a simple, yet easy on the eye, appearance and this aided my experience as well.

While I did not use the wired options, the device could suit those who do not have access to Bluetooth devices. The Sony XAV64BT contains a USB socket in the front, meaning that there is an alternative to be played while some users may decide to charge their device through the socket.

In summary, the Sony XAV64BT is an affordable multimedia system for the car that will appeal to a lot of people. It has very good connectivity with smartphones and MP3 players, while I'm sure a lot of people will find the Bluetooth features very useful as well. I'd strongly recommend the product for those shopping for an inexpensive system.

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